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Alabamy Bound
Words by Bud DeSylva and Bud Green, Music by Ray Henderson - 1925
Verse:----------- ------------------ ------------------ ------------------
Em C7 Em -
Am        B7 Am        B7 Em -
Em C7 Em -
Am        B7 Am        B7 Em -
D7        Adim Am        D7 G -
D7        Adim Am        D7 C        B7 -
Em C7 Em -
Am        B7 Am        B7 Em -
Chorus:--------- ------------------ ------------------ ------------------
Gm - - -
A7 - - -
D7 - Em -
A7 - D7  Ddim     D7 Em
Gm - - -
A7 - - -
G     G7  E7 - A7 -
C     D7  C  D7 - G   (repeat chorus)
Patter:--------- ------------------ ------------------ ------------------
Em - G+ -
Gm - A7 -
D7 G B7 Em       Gm
D        Ddim D        Gmaj7 A7 D7
Em - G+ -
Gm - Gmaj7 -
Eb7 G Eb7 G
-                C G         B7  Em A7         D7 G
Last Chorus:--- ------------------ ------------------ ------------------
Gm - - -
A7 - - -
G     G7  E7 - A7 -
C     D7  C  D7 - G   (End)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Note: Each line of chords above aligns with each line of lyrics below.  Disregard the gray cells.
Good -bye, blues
Bird -ies are sing -in' ev -'ry old thing in tune,
Good -bye, blues
Noth -in' but laugh -ter morn -n' and af -ter -noon
Saw a rose -bud in a store
So I'm go -in' where there's more,
Good -bye, blues!
Trou -bles are o -ver I'll be in clov -er soon:
I'm Al -a -bam -y bound
There'll be no "Heeb -ie Jeeb -ies" hang -in' round,
Just gave the mean -est tick -et man on earth all I'm worth
To put my toot -sies in an up -per berth
Just hear that choo choo sound
I know that soon we're goin' to cov -er ground
And then I'll hol -ler so the world will know "Here I go"
I'm Al -a -bam -y bound.
(Repeat Chorus)
I can hear that choo choo whis -tle blow,
Watch that en -gine when we start to go,
Now we're in Bal -ti -more Knock -in' at Dix -ie's door
What's that, Bill? Lou -is -ville We passed that be -fore,
Fields o' cot -ton tell me where I am
Hear that fel -ler yell -in "Al -a -bam"
Mam -my, Mam -my,
Get your kiss -es rea -dy for yo' hon -ey lamb,
Last Chorus:
I'm just a luck -y hound
To have some -one to put my arms a -round
That's why I'm shout -in' for the world to know "Here I go"
I'm Al -a -bam -y bound.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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