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All The Things You Are
Words by Oscar Hammerstein II, Music by Jerome Kern - 1939
Number 1 on the Hit Parade in 1939,  played for 11 weeks.
G - D7 -
G - D7 -
G - B B7
G Am7         D7 G C7
Fm Bbm Eb7 Ab
Db G7 C -
Cm Fm Bb7 Eb
Ab D7 G -
Am7 D7 G -
Am6 B7 E Ab+
Fm Bbm Eb7 Ab
Db Dbm Ab Abdim
Bbm7 -               Eb9 Ab (Bbm6  C7 repeat chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Verse is in the key of G, chorus is in Ab.
Time and again I've longed for adventure,  Something to make my heart beat the faster,
What did I long for?  I never really knew.
Finding your love I've found my adventure,  Touching your hand my heart beats the faster.
All that I want in all of the world is you.
You are the promised kiss of springtime,
That makes the lonely winter seem 1ong.
You are the breathless hush of evening,
That trembles on the brink of a lovely song.
You are the angel glow that lights a star,
The dearest things I know are what you are.
Someday my happy arms will hold you,
And someday I'll know that moment devine,
When All The Things You Are, are mine!
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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