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Allegheny Moon
Words and Music by Al Hoffman and Dick Manning - 1956
F                     - - -
F F#dim Gm -             Bdim
C7 - - -
- C+ F                 C+
F - - -
- F+ Bb -               D7
Gm Bbm6 F              F7   D7            D+
Gm C9             C7 F -   (C+ repeat)
12-beat intro.  Play 3-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
This song is in 3/4 waltz time.
Allegheny Moon, I need your light To help me find romance tonight,
So shine, shine, shine.
Allegheny Moon, your silver beams can lead the way to golden dreams,
So shine shine shine.
High among the stars, so bright above, the magic of your lamp of love
Can make him(her) mine.
Allegheny Moon, It's up to you, Please see what you can do
For me and for my one and only love!
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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