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The Band Played On
Words by John F. Palmer,  Music by Charles B. Ward - 1895
 Verse (4/4 Time):
G - Am -
D7 - G -
- - Am -
D7 - G -
Em Am B7 Em
A7   D D7
G   Am  
D7   G  
 Chorus (3/4 Time):
G - - -
D7 - - -
- - - -
G - - -
- D7 G7 C
- - Am -
- Gdim G Em
A7 D7 G -  (D7 repeat chorus)
The verse is 4/4 time, the chorus is 3/4 time.
Verse: Play 4-beats for each cell.  Chorus: Play 3-beats for each cell.. 
Matt Casey formed a social club that beat the town for style,
And hired for a meeting place a hall.
When pay day came around each week,  They greased the floor with wax.
And danced with noise and vigor at the ball.
Each Saturday you'd see them dressed up in Sunday clothes,
Each lad would have his sweetheart by his side.
When Casey led the first grand march, They all would fall in line,
Behind the man who was their joy and pride.
Casey would waltz with the strawberry blonde,
And the Band played on,
He'd glide cross the floor with the girl he ador'd,
And the Band played on,
But his brain was so loadded it nearly exploded,
The poor girl would shake with alarm.
He'd ne'er leave the girl with strawberry curls,
And the Band played on.
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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