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Banjo Polka
Music by Larry (Pedro) De Paul and Andrew Soldi - 1947
 Part A:
C - G7 -
C            C7 F C            G7 C
C - -          Ebdim G7
- - C -
- - C7 F
-          F#dim C G7 C   (to C after repeat)
 Part B:
G - - D7
- - - C#dim   G
- - -              G7 C
- G D7 G
C G D7 G   (repeat part A)
 Part C:
F - Bb Gm
C7 - Bdim F
- - Bb Gm
C7 - F             C7 F   (repeat part C)
8-beat lead-in.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Part A is the key of C, Part B is the key of G, Part C is the key of F.
Play the Parts as follows: A B A C C.
Part A
Lyrics for first 2 lines:
Ring, ring, ring the banjo loud,  While we dance the Polka proud,
Ring, ring, ring the banjo, 'Till we rock the room and rafters fill.
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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