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Banjo Picker's Ball
Words and Music by Jad Paul, Freddy Morgan and Norman Malkin - 1957
||: Bb - - -
C7 - - -
F7 - - -
Bb - - -
- - - -
C7 - - -           F7
Bb -          Gm - -           C7
- - F7 -
Bb A7 Bb G7
First Ending:
C7 F7 Bb F7     (Repeat)   :||
Second Ending:
C7 F7 C7 F7
C7 F7 Bb  -        (End)
8-beat intro. including.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
I'm gonna pick you up in my old Model "T",
Put on your new glad rags and be waitin' for me,
Be ready at eight we mustn't be late,
We're going to a ball, I mean that Banjo Picker's Ball.
There'll be a band strummin' ragtime all night,
The best band in the land honey babe, what a sight;
They'll make those Banjo's talk when they start to get hot,
We'll do that old cakewalk when they play the turkey trot.
HEY; what a celebration, There'll be lots of syncopation.
First Ending:
At the Banjo Picker's Ball.
Second Ending:
At the Banjo Picker's, Banjo Picker's,
Banjo Picker's Ball.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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