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Banjo Picker's Ball
Words and Music by Jad Paul, Freddy Morgan and Norman Malkin - 1957
||: Bb - - -
C7 - - -
F7 - - -
Bb - - -
- - - -
C7 - - -           F7
Bb -          Gm - -           C7
- - F7 -
Bb A7 Bb G7
C7 F7 Bb F7     (Repeat)   :||
Bb        F7 Bb        F7 Bb -        (End)
4-beat intro. and 4-beat lead-in.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
I'm gon -na pick you up in my old Mod -el "T",
Put on your new glad rags and be wait -in' for me,
Be rea -dy at eight we must -n't be late,
We're go -ing to a ball, I mean that Ban -Jo Pick -er's Ball.
There'll be a band strum -min' rag -time all night,
The best band in the land hon -ey babe, what a sight;
They'll make those Ban -jo's talk when they start to get hot,
We'll do that old cake -walk when they play the tur -key trot.
HEY; what a cel -e -bra -tion, There'll be lots of syn -co -pa -tion
At the Ban -Jo Pick -er's Ball.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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