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Words & Music by Edward Heyman, Carmen Lombardo, John Jacob Loeb - 1937
Number 1 on the Hit Parade in 1937, played for 11 weeks.
C - Fm6      G7 C
G7 - C Cdim      B7
Em - F#7        F7 Em          Edim
G D7 G            Gdim G7          G+
C G+         C - -             Cdim
G7 - - -
C            Gdim G7          Cdim C            G7 C            G7
C G+          C - -              Cdim
G7 - - -
C            Gdim G7          Cdim C            G7 C             B7+
E - B7           F#m7 B7           B+
G D7 G7           Dm7 G             G+
C G+          C - -              Cdim
G7 - - -
C            Gdim G7          Cdim C            G7 C     (G+ to chorus) 
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Oh! you mean -ie mi -nie mo, When you let me go,
You left me in the mid -dle of next week.
When you said you'd let me go Did I hol -ler "No",
Now the tears are rol -ling down my cheek.
Boo -Hoo, You've got me cry -ing for you,
And as I sit here and sigh,
Says I "I can't be -lieve it's true."
Boo -Hoo, I'll tell my ma -ma on you,
The lit -tle game that you played,
Has made her ba -by oh! so blue.
You left me in the lurch,
You left me wait -ing at the church.
Boo -Hoo, That's why I'm cry -ing for you,
Some day you'll feel like I do,
And you'll be Boo -hoo -hoo -in' too.
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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