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Button Up Your Overcoat
Words and Music by B.G. DeSylva, Lew Brown, Ray Henderson - 1928
C - Dm7 G7                        
Dm7 G7         C G7
C - Dm7 G7
Em G7 A7 D7
G -                 E7        A7 -
Fdim           D7        - G7 D7
G -                 E7 A7 -
Fdim           D7 - G G7
C - G -
Em -                 A7 D7     -
G -                 E7 A7 -
Bdim           D7         Bdim          D7         G               C7       G    (to chorus)     
Verse is in the key of C, Chorus is in the key of G.
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Listen, Big boy! Now that I've got you made,
Goodness, but I'm afraid, Something's gonna happen to you.
Listen Big Boy! You've got me hooked and how!
I would die if I should lose you now.
Button Up Your Overcoat, When the wind is free,
Take good care of yourself, you belong to me!
Eat an apple ev'ry day, Get in bed by three,
Take good care of yourself, you belong to me!
Be careful crossing streets, Oooo! Don't eat meats, Oooo!
Cut out sweets, Oooo! You'll get a pain and ruin your tum-tum!
Keep away from bootleg hootch, When you're on a spree,
Take good care of yourself, you belong to me.
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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