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By The Beautiful Sea
Words by Harold R. Atteridge, Music by Harry Carroll - 1914
C G+7 C G+7
C G+7 C -            Gdim7
G7             Gdim7 G7            Gdim7 G7 -
G7 - C Cdm7      G7
C G+7 C G+7
C G+7 C -             Cm6
G G+ G6         Gdim7 -
Am            Am7 D9            D7 G7 -
G7 - - -             G+
C - - -
- - G7         Gdim7 G7         Gdim7
G7         Gdim7 G7 C -
G7 - - -             G+
C - - C7
F F6          Cdim Em          Em7 A9           A7
D7 G7 C -     (G7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Joe and Jane were always together,
Said Joe to Jane "I love summer weather,
So let's go to that beautiful sea,
Follow along,  Say you're with me."
Anything that Joe would suggest to her,
Jane would always think it was best for her,
So he'd get his Ford,  Holler "All aboard,
Gee!  I want to be:"
By the sea,  By the sea,  By The Beautiful Sea,
You and I,  You and I,  Oh!  How happy we'll be.
When each wave comes arolling in, We will duck or swim, 
And we'll float and fool around the water.
Over and under and then up for air.
Pa is rich,  Ma is rich,  So now what do we care?
I love to be beside your side,  Beside the sea,
Beside the seaside,  By The Beautiful Sea.
Sing-along on "Bye The Sea" with the WineLand Banjo Band (youtube)
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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