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Canadian Capers
G                         - - D7
Am - A7 D7
G - G7 -                    C        
Gdim G               E7        Am               D7     G                  
G G#dim D7 -
- - G -
- E7 A7 -
- - D7              D#dim    Am                D7
G G#dim D7 -
- - G Gmaj7
G G7 C Eb7
G - C#dim D7           G    ((to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
A -way up north a -mid the ice and all the snow A -way up in the hame -land of the Es -ki -mo
They've got a dance that's all their own they do it on the ice In shim -mie Par -a -dise they shim -mie oh so nice
The North -ern breez -es make the maid -ens shiv -er so The way they shake just melts a -way all the snow
You read in all the pap -pers A -bout Can -a -dian Ca -pers Thro' the storm that's just how they keep warm
On ze -ro days each maid -en sways Right in the arms of her own lov -in' Es -ki -mo
Most ev' -ry night when all the north -ern lights are low She tod -dles 'round with her own nor -thern Rom -e -o
In all the Snow while cold winds blow Each lit -tle Flo and lit -tlle Joe
Just watch them go swing to and fro oh (Tick -le -toe)
Now I've been told the weath -er's cold It's al -ways win -ter -time up where the North pole lies
But they cut up Can -a -dian Ca -pers if they're wise And then they watch the tem -p'ra -ture be -gin to rise
(go -ing up) (show -ing up) (blow -ing up) (going -ing up)
They al -ways do Can -a -dian Ca -pers if the weath -er's cold e -nough (hey hey) Hot Stuff

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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