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Cinderella Girl
Words and Music by Dave Dallwitz - 1949
Bb         A7 Bb         A7 Bb         A7 D7
Gm        D7 Gm C7 F7
Bb         A7 Bb         A7 Gm        D7 Gm
F           Fm Gbdim C7 F7
Bb A7 Bb       Ddim G7
Cm D7        Gm C7 F7
Bb A7 Bb       Ddim G7
Cm D7        Gm C7       F7 Bb
D7 - G7 -
C7 - F7 F+        F7
Bb A7 Bb       Ddim G7
Cm D7        Gm C7       F7 Bb    (F7 repeat)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Girls of all dis -crip -tion, Swee -dish or E -gyp -tian, Hard as nails or soft and sweet,
Up -per crust or on the street, Well be -haved or in -dis -crete;
From this pan -o -ra -ma, Man will choose his char -mer, One who sets his heart on fire.
I'm a luc -ky guy, Found my swee -tie pie; The girl of my de -sire.
Shab -by clothes, Shin -ey nose, Lot's of darn -in' in her hose,
Ne -ver goes to mov -ie shows, Cin -de -rel -la Girl.
Hair in 'tails, scared of males, Lot's of lac -quer on her nails.
Buys her clothes in bar -gain sales, Cin -de -rel -la Girl.
Oth -er girls with style and groom -ing,
Leave me cold, But you start my heart zoom -ing.
No prin -cess in silk -ken dress, Ev -er brought such hap -pi -ness.
She's my an -gel no -thing less, Cin -de -rel -la Girl.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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