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Cocktails For Two
Words and Music by Arthur Johnston and Sam Coslow - 1934
C                B C              B C              G+ C
E                Eb E              Eb E               B+ E
Am A7 Dm7 G             F#     
G                F# G              D+ G7             D+ G7
C              Cdim C G7 Dm
-                 G7 Dm           G7 C -
-               Cdim C G7            Gdim Dm
-                 G7 Dm           G7 C7 -
F -               Fm C Cdim
Dm G7 C -
-               Cdim C G Dm
-                 G7 Dm           G7 C -           (G7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Oh what de -light to be giv -en the right to be care free and gay once a -gain.
No long -er slink -ing, re -spect -a -bly drink -ing like civ -i -lized la -dies and men.
No long -er need we miss, A charm -ing scene like this.
(Interlude, no lyrics)
In some se -clud -ed ren -dez -vous, That ov -er -looks the A -ve -nue,
With some -one charm -ing a de -light -ful chat of this and that and Cock -tails For Two.
As we en -joy a cig -a -rette, To some ex -qui -site chan -so -nette,
Two hands are sure to sly -ly meet, Be -neath a ser -vi -ette with Cock -tails For Two.
My head may go reel -ing, But my heart will be o -be -dient,
With in -tox -i -cat -ing kiss -es For the prin -ci -pal in -gre -dient.
Most an -y af -ter -noon at five, We'll be so glad we're both a -live.
Then may -be for -tune will com -plete her plan, That all be -gan with Cock -tails For Two.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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