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Words by Gus Kahn, Music by Carmen Lombardo and John W. Green - 1928
Eb         D   Fm6 C         Eb Fm        Bb Eb
Eb         D   Fm6 C         Eb Fm        Bb Eb
F7         Dm - Bb7       Fm6 -           Bb7
Eb -                Gdim Fm7 -
Bb7 -                Bb+ Eb F7         Bb7
Eb -                Gdim Fm7 -
Bb7 -                Bb+ Eb -
Eb7 - Ab -
F7 - Bb7 Bb+
Eb -                Gdim Fm7 -
Bb7 -                Bb+ Eb -  (Bb7  to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
You love to flirt and you don't mean to hurt, But you leave those who love you to sigh,
Each heart's a flow'r that you want for an hour, Then forget like a gay butterfly.
Butterflies play in the summer sun, But are they gay when their day is done?
Tell me why you keep fooling, Little Coquette?
Making fun of the ones who love you.
Breaking hearts you are ruling, Little Coquette,
True hearts tenderly dreaming of you.
Some day you'll fall in love as I fell in love with you.
Maybe someone you love will just be fooling,
And when you're all alone with only regret,
You'll know Little Coquette, I loved you.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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