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Crazy Rhythm
Words by Irving Caesar, Musicby by Joseph Meyer and Roger Wolfe Kahn - 1928
A jazz standard, inspiring many jazz albums named "Crazy Rhythm"
G               Fm G               Fm G               D7                G
G               Fm                G               Fm G               D7 G
Bm Bm7           E7 Am D7
G               Fm G               Fm G               A7 Am7          D7
G - - -
D7            Am7 D7             Am7    D7 G -
G - - -
D7            Am7 D7             Am7    D7 G -              D7
G7            Dm7 G7             Dm7    G7 C               Dm7    G7 C
Cm - G Eb+         D7
G - A7 -
D7 - G -    (D7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
I feel like the Emperor Nero when Rome was a very hot town;
Father Knickerboker forgive me I play while your city burns down.
Through all its night life I fiddle away;  It's not the right life, but think of the pay.
Someday I will bid it goodbye,  I'll put my fiddle away and I'll say:
Crazy Rhythm here's the doorway,  I'll go my way you'll go your way,
Crazy Rhythm, from now on we're through.
Here is where we have a showdown,  I'm to high hat, you're too low down,
Crazy Rhythm, here's goodbye to you.
They say that when a highbrow meets a lowbrow, walking along Broadway,
Soon the highbrow, he has no brow,  Ain't it a shame, and you're to blame.
What's the use of prohibition?  You produce the same condition.
Crazy Rhythm,  I've gone crazy too.
Listen to the WineLand Banjo Band play "Crazy Rhythm" (youtube click here)
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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