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Down In Jungle Town
Words by Edward Madden, Music by Theodore Morse - 1908
Gm - -            A7 D7         D
Gm - Bb         F9 Bb
Cm - - Gm
D           D9 D F -            F7
Bb C7 F7 Bb
- F7 - Bb
- C7 F7 D7
Bb - C7        F7 Bb       (G7)
C D7 G7 C
- G7 - C
- D7 G7 E7
C - D7        G7 C        (End)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Note: This song changes keys. The verse is in Gm, the first chorus is in Bb, the second chorus is in C.
Down in Jun -gle Town, the moon shone down with -out a frown;
Soon a shy bab -oon came out to spoon be -neath the moon;
Monk -ey Doo -dle wagged his noo -dle, he was Jun -gle King, She felt flat -tered when he chat -tered, "You're a pret -ty thing,
Big bam -boo room for two, So prom -ise you'll be true."
Down in Jun -gle Town, A hon -ey -moon is com -ing soon;
Then you'll hear a ser -e -nade, To a pret -ty monk -ey maid,
And in Monk -ey Land, The chim -pan -zees sing in the trees,
"She'll be true to Monk -ey -doo -dle doo" Way down in Jun -gle Town.
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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