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Doin' The Raccoon
Words by Raymond Kiages, Music by J. Fred Coots - 1928
C Ab7 G7 C
Am E7 - Am
Dm           Cdim C              C7 Dm           Cdim C            A7
G A7            D7 G G7
C - Ab -
G7 - Am          Cdim G7
C - Ab -
G7 - C              F C
E             G#m B              B7 E Em         Eb7
G             Bm D              D7 G7 Dm         G7
C - Ab -
G7 - C G7
F F7 Bb Bb7
C7           Cdim C7  - F           F7
Bb F7 Bb -
F7 - Bb -
- F7 Bb -
F7   Bb  
A7   D  
B7   E G7  (repeat chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Note:  This song changes keys, the verse and chorus are in the key of C, The patter is in F and Bb.

Col - lege men, Know - ledge men,  Do a dance call'd "Rac - coon".
It's the craze, now - a days,  And it will get you soon.
Buy a coat and try it,  Bet you'll be a ri - ot.
It's a "wow",  Learn to do it right now.
High brow low brow in - ter - me - di - ate,  Make be - lieve they're all col - le - gi - ate soon,
To do the Rac - coon.
Rac - coon coats don't care who's wear - ing 'em,  Hall - room boys will all be shar - ing 'em soon,
To do the Rac - coon.
Ev - 'ry day you'll have your downs and your ups.
Ev - 'ry day those Rac - coon coats will have pups.
Date a girl then start to hur - ry 'er,  Right down town to some big fur - ri - er soon,
To do the Rac - coon.
Oh they wear them down at Prince - ton,  And they share them up at Yale.
Oh they eat in them at Har - yard,  And they sleep in them in jail.
Alph - a Be - ta,  Delta Fra - ta,
What's the mat - ter with Al - ma Ma - ter?
Boo - la, Boo - 1a,  You're a Fool - a,
Go to school - la,  And learn "The Rac - coon".
From ev - 'ry col - lege cam - pus comes a cheer,
The sea - son for the Rac - coon coats is here.
(repeat chorus)
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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