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Doin' The Raccoon
Words by Raymond Kiages, Music by J. Fred Coots - 1928
C Ab7 G7 C
Am E7 - Am
Dm           Cdim C              C7 Dm           Cdim C            A7
G A7            D7 G G7
C - Ab -
G7 - Am          Cdim G7
C - Ab -
G7 - C              F C
E             G#m B              B7 E Em         Eb7
G             Bm D              D7 G7 Dm         G7
C - Ab -
G7 - C G7
F F7 Bb Bb7
C7           Cdim C7  - F           F7
Bb F7 Bb -
F7 - Bb -
- F7 Bb -
F7   Bb  
A7   D  
B7   E G7  (repeat chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
College men, Knowledge men,  Do a dance call'd "Raccoon".
It's the craze, nowa days,  And it will get you soon.
Buy a coat and try it,  Bet you'll be a riot.
It's a "wow",  Learn to do it right now.
High brow low brow intermediate,  Make believe they're all collegiate soon,
To do the Raccoon.
Raccoon coats don't care who's wearing 'em,  Hallroom boys will all be sharing 'em soon,
To do the Raccoon.
Ev'ry day you'll have your downs and your ups.
Ev'ry day those Raccoon coats will have pups.
Date a girl then start to hurry 'er,  Right down town to some big furrier soon,
To do the Raccoon.
Oh they wear them down at Princeton,  And they share them up at Yale.
Oh they eat in them at Haryard,  And they sleep in them in jail.
Alpha Beta,  Delta Frata,
What's the matter with Alma Mater?
Boola, Boo1a,  You're a Foola,
Go to schoolla,  And learn "The Raccoon".
From ev'ry college campus comes a cheer,
The season for the Raccoon coats is here.
(repeat chorus)
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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