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"Heart Of My Heart"
Words and Music by B. Ryan - 1926
Number 3 on the Hit Parade in 1954, played for 9 weeks.
G Cdim       Em A7 -
Am7   D7   Ddim D7                 D+ G         Am7 Edim       G
G Bm7  G  Edim D7       Am   B7 Em
A7 - - Am7        D7
- Ddim D7       Am7 D7           Cdim
Em A7 D7       Am7 D7
G -           Edim Am7   D7   Ddim D7
- - G -
E7 - A9       Gm6 A7
- - D   C#   C  Cdim D7
G -           Edim Am7   D7   Ddim D7
-             D7 -           Am6 B7       A Dm       B7
E7 A7 - -
- Am7     D7 G -  (D7  to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
I sometimes wish I was a kid again,
Down in the old neighborhood,
Just to be with Charlie, with little Joe and Pete,
Boy, we had a quartette that was mighty hard to beat,
I'd love to stand down by that cellar door,
Just to hear that quartette sing once more,
"Heart Of My Heart," I love that melody,
"Heart Of My Heart" brings back a memory,
When we were kids on the corner of the street,
We were rough and ready guys, But Oh! How we could harmonize,
"Heart Of My Heart," meant friends were dearer then,
Too bad we had to part.
I know a tear would glisten if once more I could listen,
To that gang that sang "Heart Of My Heart."

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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