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Hello Dolly!
Words and Music by Jerry Herman - 1963
Bb                            - Gm  -
Bb Bbdim Cm7 F7
Cm - Cm#5 Cm
Cm7 F7 Bb           Dbdim       F7
Bb - Gm -
Fm7 Bb7 Eb Cm6           D7       
Gm Dm Gm Dm
First Ending:
C9 Cm7            F7  Bb F7        (repeat)   
Second Ending:
C9 Cm7           F7 C9 Cm7          F7
C9 Cm7           F7 Bb -            (end)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Hel - lo,  Dol - ly, well,  Hel - lo,  Dol - ly,
It's so nice to have you back where you be - long.
You're look - ing swell,  Dol -ly,  we can tell,  Dol - ly,
You're still glow - in',  you're still crow - in',  you're still go - in' strong.
We feel the room sway - in',  for the band's play - in'
One of your old fav - v'rite songs from 'way back when.
So take her wrap,  fel - las,  find her an emp - ty lap,  fel - las,
First Ending:
Dol - ly I'll nev - er go a - way a - gain!
Second Ending:
Dol - ly I'll nev - er go a - way,  Dol -ly I'll nev - er go a - way,
Dol - ly I'll nev - er go a - way a - gain!

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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