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Words and Music by Peter Van Steeden and Harry Clarkson - 1931
F E7 Eb D7
Db7 C7        C7+ F          D7 G7        C7
F E7 Eb D7
Db7 C7        C7+ F          Bb7 F           C7
F E7 Gm Am        C7
Gm Am       C7+ F          Dm Gm7      C7
F E7 Gm Am        C7
Gm Am       C7 F          Bb7 F
Bbm - F          Dm F
Bbm Gm7b5 C7        Bb C7         C7+
F E7 Gm Am         C7
Gm Am        C7 F -  (C7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Ev -'ning marks the close of day, Skies of blue be -gin to grey,
Crim -son hues are fad -ing in the West;
Ev -'ning ev -er brings to me Dreams of days that used to be,
Mem -o -ries of those I love the best.
When shad-ows fall And trees whis-per day is end-ing,
My thoughts are ev-er wend-ing Home;
When crick-ets call My heart is for-ev-er yearn-ing,
Once more to be re-turn-ing Home.
When the hills con-ceal the set-ing sun,
Stars be-gin a -peep -ing one by one,
Night cov-ers all And, though for-tune may for-sake me,
Sweet dreams will ev-er take me Home

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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