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I Ain't Got Nobody
Words by Roger Graham, Music by Spencer Williams - 1925
G               G6 G               G6 G               Cm G              D7
Em            Em7 Em            Em7 A7             Eb7 D7
G               G6 G               G6 G               Cm G             G#dim
Dm          G#dim D             D#dim A7             Eb7 D7            D+
G7 -      F#7    F7    G A7 -               Cm
G7 A7             D7 G                D+ G               D7
G7 -      F#7    F7    G A7 -               Cm
A7 - D D7
G7 - C                A7 C
E E7 A7 D7
G7 -      F#7    F7    G A7 -               Cm
G7 A7             D7 G                 G     (D7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
This song is often played as a medley with "Just A Gigolo".
There's a say - ing go - ing round,  And I be - gin to think its true.
It's aw - ful hard to love some - one,  When they don't care 'bout you.
Once I had a lov - in' man,  As good as an - y in this town.
But now I'm sad and lone - ly,  For he's gone and turned me down.  Now ...
I ain't got no - bod - y,
And no - bod - y cares for me.
And I'm sad and lone - ly,
Won't some - bod - y come and take a chance with me?
I'll sing sweet love songs hon - ey, all the time.
If you'll come and be my sweet ba - by mine.
Cause,  I Aint Got no - bo - dy,
And no - bod - y cares for me.
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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