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If I Had You
Words and Music by Shapiro and Campbell - 1928
Gm             A7      D7            G7   C7          F7+ Bb
Gm             A7 D7            G7 -             Bb     C7 F               F7
Bb Bb7 Eb Ebm6
Bb            Bbdim F9             F7+ Bb6       Bbdim Cm7     Dm     Bbdim    Adim 
Bb Bb7 Eb Ebm6
Bb            Bbdim Eb6           F7+ Bb Cm6        Bbdim
Dm Gm6         Bbdim Dm Em           A       Em        A
Dm Gm6         Bbdim Dm Cm7        F7      Cm7      F7
Bb Bb7 Eb Ebm6
Bb            Bbdim F9             F7+ Bb -          (F7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
I dream'd all my dreams and schem'd all my schemes, But somehow it just seem'd wrong,
Until I met you and then, dear, I knew, To me you must belong.
I could show the world how to smile, I could be glad all of the while,
I could change the grey skies to blue, If I Had You.
I could leave the old days behind, Leave all my pals, I'd never mind,
I could start my life all anew, If I Had You.
I could climb the snow capp'd mountains, Sail the mighty ocean wide,
I could cross the burning desert, If I Had You by my side.
I could be a king, dear, uncrown'd, Humble or poor, rich or renowned,
There is nothing I couldn't do, If I Had You.
Listen to the Oakland Banjo Band play "If I Had You" (mp3)
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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