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The Japanese Sandman
Words by R. B. Egan, Music by R. A. Whiting - 1920
Fm           Edim Fm          Db9   B9 C7 -
Fm           Edim Fm         Bbm  Bdim C7 -
Ab            Eb7 Ab          Bb7 Ab        Bbdim C7
Fm           Edim Fm          Db7   C7 Fm         F7 Bb         F7
Bb            C7 F C7 F
F - D7 -
G7           C7 - F -
- - A -
E7 - A         Adim Gm        C
F F7 Bb -
Bbm - Gm7 C7
F - Dm        Bb G7         F
-            Dm6 C7 F -    (to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Won't you stretch im -ag -i -na -tion for the mo -ment and come with me,
Let us hast -en to a na -tion ly -ing o -ver the west -ern sea,
Hide be -hind the cher -ry blos -soms here's a sight that will please your eyes,
There's a ba -by with a la -dy of Ja -pan sing -ing lull -a -bies,
Night winds breathe her sighs.
Here's the Jap -a -nese Sand -man, Sneak -ing on with the dew,
Just an old sec -ond hand man, He'll buy your old day from you,
He will take ev -'ry sor -row, Of the day that is through,
And he'll give you to -mor -row, Just to start life a -new.
Then you'll be a bit old -er, In the dawn when you wake,
And you'll be a bit bold -er, With the new day you make.
Here's the Jap -a -nese Sand -man, Trade him sil -ver for gold,
Just an old sec -ond hand man, Trad -ing new days for old.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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