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Words by Gus Kahn, Music by Wayne King and Burke Bivens - 1936
G D7 G D7
G           C7 G         D+ G         C7 G          D7
G D7 G D7
G           C7 G         D+ G         C7 G          D7
G - A7 -
D7 - G         D+ G
E7 - A7 -
- - D7 -          Eb7    D7
G7 - C -
A7 - D7 -
G - A7 -                 Cdim
G7         Edim D7 G -  (D7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Oh the love bug bit and bit me good, I'm do -ing things I nev -er should,
Since I met my Jo -seph -ine, Cu -test gal I've ev -er seen.
She can be so bad or be so nice, Can be so warm or cold as ice,
But my life won't be se -rene, Till I get my Jo -seph -ine.
There nev -er was a gal I could love like I love my Jo -seph -ine,
She's a flirt, she's a scamp, she's the vamp -i -est vamp I've ev -er seen.
It seems to me she's al -ways flirt -ing, With the fel -lows pass -ing by,
But when I say she winks, Then she tells me she thinks, There's a cin -der in her eye.
I be -lieve it would be bet -ter if I'd leave her and for -get, Ev -'ry -bo -dy says it would be wise,
But each time that I go out to dance with some -bo -dy else, I find my -self danc -ing with tears in my eyes.
For there's no -bo -dy quite so nice who can be quite so mean,
As my gal, What a gal, Jo -seph -ine.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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