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Just Around The Corner
Words by Dolph Singer, Music by Harry Von Tilzer - 1925
C - D7             G7 C
Dm7             G7 C               Am D7 G7
C - D7             G7 C
D7 G               E7 Am             D7 G7
C F              C#dim G7 -
- - C Am
F -                Cdim C                C7 A7
D7 - G7 -
C F               C#dim G7 -
- - C E7
F -                Cdim C A7
Dm7 G7 C -     (repeat chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Ev - ry day, skies seem grey, Sun won't shine for you,
Ev - ry dream, Ev - ry scheme, Seems to go wrong, too.
Blue bird flies thru' the skies, Still you look in vain,
Play your part, Don't lose heart, Sun - shine fol - lows rain.
Just a - round the cor - ner may be sun - shine for you.
Just a - round the cor - ner skies a - bove may be blue.
Keep a lit - tle smile on, That's the right thing to do.
In a lit - tle while your trou - bles, They will dis - ap - pear like bub - bles.
Just a - round the cor - ner there's a blue bird on high.
Wait - ing on a rain - bow in the sky, Why,
E - ven tho it's dark and cloud -y, Sun may peep thru' and say, "How - dy',
Just a - round the cor - ncr from you.
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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