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Kentucky Babe
Words by Richard Henry Buck, Music by Adam Geibel - 1896
C              Am C             Am C G7
Dm           G7 Dm D7 G
C Dm           G C Dm           G
C             Ab7 C            Ab7 G D7           G7
C G7 C              Am C             Am
Dm G7 Dm           G7 C
Ab C Ab C
A7 Dm           G7 C -                  (End)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats or 8-beats (your choice) for each cell, reading from left to right.
Skeet - ers am a hum - min' on the hon - ey - suck - le vine,  Sleep,  Ken - tuck - y Babe!
Sand - man am a - com - in' to this lit - tle babe of mine,  Sleep,  Ken - tuck - y Babe!
Sil - v'ry moon am shin - in' in the heav - ens high a - bove.  Bob - o - link am pin - in' for his lit - tle la - dy love.
You is might - y luck - y,  Babe of old Ken - tuck - y,  Close your eyes and sleep.
Fly a - way,  Fly a - way,  Ken - tuck - y babe,  Fly a - way to rest,
Fly a - way,  Lay your lit - tle wool - y head on yo' mam - my's breast,
(Hum) (Hum) (Hum) (Hum) (Hum) (Hum) (Hum) (Hum)
Close your eyes in sleep.
Watch the WineLand Banjo Band play this song on YouTube (click at 2min into video)
Listen to Perry Bechtel play this song on the Plectrum Banjo

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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