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Oh, Lady Be Good!
Music by George Girshwin, Words by Ira Girshwin  -  1924
Em             F#m     B7 Em            Am Em           Am6    B7 Em6
G               Am7    D7 G             Cmaj7   C G             Am7    D7 G6
D7 G D7 G             F#m     B7
E               Fmaj7  B7 E                A E               F#7    B7 E              D7
G                 D7     G C7 G -              G#dim
D7 - G -
G                 D7     G C7 G -              G#dim
D7 - G -
C D7 C               G -               D7
Em               B+ Em            A7 Am7          D7 Bm          Am7    A7b5
G                 D7    G C7 G -            G#dim
D7 - G -  (D7 repeat chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Lis -ten to my tale of woe, It's ter -ri -bly sad, but true.
All dressed up no place to go, Each ev -'ning I'm awf -'ly blue.
I must win some win -some miss; Can't go on like this.
I could blos -som out I know, With some -bod -y just like you, so,
Oh, sweet and love -ly la -dy, be good!
Oh la -dy, be good! to me!
I am so awf' -ly mis -un -der -stood,
So la -dy be good to me.
Oh, please have some pit -y
I'm all a -lone in this big cit -y I tell you
I'm just a lone -some babe in the wood
So la -dy, be good to me!
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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