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Lover, Come Back To Me!
Words by Ocsar Hammerstein II and Frank Mandel, Music by Sigmund Romberg - 1928
G A7 Am7           D7 G
Bm E7 D                A7 D
Bb F7 Gm7           C7 D7
G B7 Em A7
G A7            D7 G                 C      Cm6 G               D7
G B7 Em A7
G A7            D7 G                 C      Cm6 G               B7
Em Am            Em A7 Gm7          B7
Em Am            Em A7 Am7          D7
G B7 Em G#dim
Am G               Am      D7 G                 C      Cm6 G
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
You went a - way, I let you,  We broke the ties that bind.
I want - ed to for - get you,  And leave the past be - hind.
Still, the mag - ic of the night I met you,  Seems to stay for - ev - er in my mind.
The sky was blue,  And high a - bove,  The moon was new,  And so was love.
This eag - er heart of mine was sing - ing:  "Lov - er, where can you be?"
You came at last,  Love had its day,  That day is past,  You've gone a- way,
This ach - ing heart of mine is sing - ing:  "Lov - er, come back to me!"
When I re - mem - ber ev - 'ry lit - tle thing you used to do, I'm so lone - ly.
Ev - 'ry road I walk a - long,  I've walked a- long with you, No won - der I am lone - ly.
The sky is blue,  The night is cold,  The moon is new,  But love is old,
And while I'm wait - ing here, This heart of mine is sing - ing:  "Lov -er come back to me!"
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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