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(When You And I Were Young)
Maggie Blues
Words and Music by Jack Frost and Jimmy McHugh - 1922
G A7         D7 G -              D7
G A7         D7 G G7
C           Am E7 Am        E7 Am
A7 - D7 G7
Am        E7 Am        E7 Am        E7 Am
A7 - D7 -
G G7 C C#dim
G -           Ddim D7 -
G G7 C C#dim
G D7 G G7
C - G -
D7 A7 D7 -
G G7 C C#dim
G D7 G -  (D7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Note: This song is two melodies played together at the same time during the chorus.
 "Maggie Blues" is the lead melody, "When You And I Were Young Maggie" is the counter melody.
Maggie Blues - Verse:
I've been re - quest - ed to sing an old time song,
Some - thing our grand dad - dies used to sing.
But I'm a - fraid I would make that old dit - ty sound all wrong,
'Cause I'd fill it with blues and ev - 'ry thing.
But l've a lit - tle plan, And I'll do the best I can,
To sing an old song so we all can un - der stand:
Maggie Blues - Chorus:
You simp - ly take a fav - or - ite, Then you fla - vor it, with just a note or two of blue har - mo -ny,
Tell the orch -es - tra to play sta - ca - to, and then you jazz a lit-tle ob - li - got - to.
Now that Mag -gie tune is a rag-gie tune pay no at-ten-tion to the mu- sic that they play,
But just rock your blues a - way, on the spot start to sway, Get - tin hot now,
Hear that bro - ken time, If just spoke in time, all a- round I see Harm - o -ny, charm - in' me,
Ev - 'ry lov - in' note, Is a lov - in' boat, Just full of mus -ic that you can't re - fuse.
Now you know the way, tell the band to play, and when you list-en just chris -ten it and say
I've got those you and I were young Mag - gie blues.
When You And I Were Young Maggie - Chorus:
I wan - dered to - day to the hill, Mag - gie,
To watch the scene be - low,
The creek and the creak - ing old mill, Mag - gie,
As we used to long, long a - go
The green grove is gone from the hill, Mag - gie,
Where once the dai - sies sprung.
But I love you the same as of old, Mag - gie,
When you and I were young.
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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