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Mama's Gone, Goodbye
Words and Music by Peter Bocage and A. J. Piron - 1924
Gm               Eb7     D7 Gm                      F9 Gm            Eb7    D7 Gm
A7 D A7 D
Gm               Eb7     D7 Gm -                Eb7    D7 G7
C7 F Gm             C7 F7
Bb - Gb7 -
F7 Gb7           F7 Bb -             Cm6  Ddim
Eb6 Ebm6 Bb G7
C7 -               Gb7 F7 -              C7     F7
Bb - Gb7 -
F7 - D7 -
F#7              G7 F#7           G7 C7 -      G7   Gb7    F7
Bb Gb7                     F7 Bb -    (F7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
I've been itch -ing might -y long, to sing to you this lit -tle song,
It's the sep -a -ra -tion blues, and I'm of -f'ring no ex -cuse.
You have been might -y mean, to this sweet prec -ious queen,
And some -day you'll re -a -lize, what you're los -ing in this prize:
Fare thee well, Ma -ma's gone, good -bye,
No use to cry, no use to sigh.
For years you've dogged me 'round, now's the time to let you know what's on my mind,
I'm goin' a -way, Don't ask me to stay,
Fare thee well, I've been to school,
Learned a brand new rule, I ain't no fool!
I'm goin' to get a man to treat me right, one who'll stay home ev -'ry night,
Fare thee well, Ma -ma's gone, good -bye.
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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