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Missippi Mud
Words and Music by James Cavanaugh & Harry Barris - 1927
Chorus: C Ab7
C      C7      B7      Bb7 A7 D7                G+ C     Cdim       C     Cdim
C    Cdim     C      Cdim C     Cdim     C     Cdim C     Cdim      C      Cdim C     Cdim      G7
C Ab7 C       C7       B7      Bb7 A7
Dm            A7 Dm            A7 Dm               A7 Dm               A7
F             F#dim C               A7 D7                G7 C   (end after repeat)
Am    E7     Am      E7 Am            F7 Am     E7      Am      E7 Am               F7
D7 G7 C      Cdim      C Eb7     D7     G7
Am    E7     Am      E7 Am            F7 Am     E7       Am     E7 Am               F7
D7 G7 C      Cdim      C -    Eb7 D7 G7 (chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
When the sun goes down, the tide goes out,
The peo -ple gath -er 'round and they all be -gin to shout "Hey! Hey! Un -cle Dud,
It's a treat to beat your feet on the Mis -sis -sip -pi Mud, It's a treat to beat you feet on the Mis -sis -sip -pi Mud".
What a dance do they do! Lord -y, how I'm tell -in' you,
They don't need no band, They keep time by clap -pin' their hand.
Just as hap -py as a cow chew -in' on a cud, When the peo -ple beat their feet on the Mis -sis -sip -pi Mud.
Lord -y how they play it! Good -ness, how they sway it.
Un -cle Joe, Un -cle, Jim How they pound the mire with vi -gor and vim.
Joy! that mu -sic thrills me. Boy! it near -ly kills me.
What a show when they go. Say! they beat it up ei -ther fast or slow.
(Repeat Chorus)

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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