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Missippi Mud
Words and Music by James Cavanaugh & Harry Barris - 1927
C Ab7 C      C7      B7      Bb7 A7
D7                G+ C     Cdim       C     Cdim C    Cdim     C      Cdim C     Cdim     C     Cdim
C     Cdim      C      Cdim C     Cdim      G7 C Ab7
C       C7       B7      Bb7 A7 Dm            A7 Dm
-                   A7 Dm F             F#dim C               A7
D7 G7   C  (end after repeat) |
Am    E7     Am      E7 Am            F7 Am     E7      Am      E7 Am               F7
D7 G7 C      Cdim      C Eb7     D7     G7
Am    E7     Am      E7 Am            F7 Am     E7       Am     E7 Am               F7
D7 G7 C      Cdim      C Eb7 D7 G   (to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
When the sun goes down, the tide goes out, The people gather 'round and they all begin to shout,
"Hey! Hey! Uncle Dud, It's a treat to beat your feet on the Mississippi Mud,
It's a treat to beat you feet on the Mississippi Mud." What a dance do they do!
Lordy, how I'm tellin' you, They don't need no band,
They keep time by clappin' their hand, Just as happy as a cow chewin' on a cud,
When the people beat their feet on the Mississippi Mud.
Lordy how they play it! Goodness, how they sway it.
Uncle Joe, Uncle Jim, How they pound the mire with vigor and vim.
Joy! that music thrills me. Boy! it nearly kills me.
What a show when they go. Say! they beat it up either fast or slow.
(Repeat Chorus)

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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