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Moonlight On The Ganges
Words by Chester Wallace, Music by Sherman Myers - 1926
Dm         C Dm         C Dm         Am Dm         Em
Dm         C Dm         C Dm -
A            Gm A            Gm A            Gm A            Gm
A            Gm A            Gm A -
Dm         Gm7 C7          F Bb         Bbdim F
Gm7       C7 F            Dm A           E7 A
A - Bb7       B7 C7         Db7
C7         F#m6 B7         Fm6 Ebm6     Dm6 D+         C+
F6          Fmaj7 -            F7 F6 -
Gm7       Bb - Am -           Dbdim
Dm G7 C7 -
Gm6       F#m6 B6         Fm6 Ebm6     Dm6 Db+         C+
F -            F+ Bb6        F+ Bb6
Dm6    Bbdim    -            F C7          D D7        Ddim
Gm7 C7 F            (Bb7 A7   Ab7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Dew drops glis -ten -ing, no -one lis -ten -ing,  By the Gan -ges some one whis -per -ing
To a Hin -doo maid:
"Though to -mor -row, dear, you will yearn,  Don't you sor -row, dear,  I'll re -turn
To my Hin -doo maid."
Mel -o -dy bells of love ring out 'Neath the mel -low moon,
Mel -o -dy bells that try to tell you I'm re -turn -ing soon.  
In the mel -low,
Moon -light on the Gan -ges,
My lit -tle Hin -doo,
When I whis -per'd Love's sweet mel -o -dy,
All our dreams and our schemes came true.
Some -day on the Gan -ges,
I'll meet you once more,
And I'll kiss you and ca -ress you,
Where the wa -ters kiss the si -lent shore.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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