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My Melancholy Baby
Words by George A. Norton, Music by Ernie Burnett - 1911
Tommy Edwards MGM single of the tune reached #15 in the US Music Vendor charts, spring 1959
C               G#7 C               G#7 C -               Ebdim  G7
Dm             A7 Dm             A7 D7 G7
C               G#7 C               G#7 C -               Ebdim  G7
D7 G                E7 A7             D7 Dm7          G7
C A7 Dm -
G7 D7             G7 C C#dim        G7
C A7 Dm -
F             F#dim C               A7 Dm             G7 C   (repeat chorus)
16-beat intro.  Play 8-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Note:  This song can be played with 4 or 8 beats per cell, your choice.
Click here for a standard fox-trot arrangement of 4-beats per cell.
Come sweet heart mine, don't sit and pine.  Tell me of the cares that make you feel so blue.
What have I done?  An - swer me Hon',  Have I ev - er said an un - kind word to you?
My love is true, and just for you,  I'd do al - most an - y - thing at an - y time.
Dear when you sigh, or when you cry, some - thing seems to grip this ver - y heart of mine.
Come to me, My Mel - an - chol - y Ba - by,  Cud - dle up and don't be blue;
All your fears are fool - ish fan - cy, may - be,  You know, dear that I'm in love with you.
Ev - 'ry cloud must have a sil - ver lin - ing,  Wait un - til the sun shines through.
Smile my hon - ey dear, while I kiss a - way each tear, or else I shall be mel - an - chol - y too.
Listen to Jim and the WineLand Band play "My Melancholy Baby" (YouTube)
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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