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My Blue Heaven
Words by Walter Donaldson, Lyrics by George Whiting - 1927
C         Adim Dm7      G7 C         Adim Dm6       A7
D9 G   G9   Em   G7 C         D9 G9         G+
C         Adim Dm7      G7 C         Adim Dm6       A7
D9 D7 G  G9   Em   B G7
C - - -
D7       D7b5 Em C -
C - - -
D7       D7b5 Em C -    Cdim  C  C+
F A7 Dm -              A7
G7 - C -
- - - -
D7       D7b5 G7 C -  (G7  to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Day is end -ing, Birds are wend -ing
Back to the shel -ter of Each lit -tle nest they love.
Night shades fall -ing, Love birds call -ing,
What makes the world go 'round? Noth -ing but love!
When Whip -poor -wills call and ev -'ning is nigh
I hur -ry to my blue heav -en.
A turn to the right, a lit -tle white light
Will lead you to my blue heav -en.
You'll see a smil -ing face, a fire -place, a co -zy room,
A lit -tle nest that's nes -tled where the ros -es bloom.
Just Mol -lie and me And Ba -by makes three.
We're hap -py in my blue heav -en.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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