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My Gal Sal
Lyrics and Music by Paul Dresser - 1905
Verse (4/4):
Bb -    Gdim   Bb - C7          F7
Bb -    Gdim   Bb Dm    A7   F Gdim       F7
- Bb  Gdim  Bb F7 Bb  Gdim  Bb
-              D7 Gm           D7 Eb  Gdim  Bb C7          F7
Chorus (3/4):
Bb Eb          Ebm Bb -
Bb Eb          Ebm Bb -
D7 - Gm -
C7 - F7 -
Bb Eb          Ebm Bb -
D7 - Gm Bb7
Eb Bb         Fm6 G7 Cm
C7 F7 Bb -  (F7 to chorus)
Verse:  8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell.  Chorus (3/4): Play 3 beats for each cell.
Verse is in 4/4 time and the chorus is in 3/4 time at a faster beat.
Click here for an alternate arrangement of the chorus in 4/4 time.
Everything is over and I'm feeling bad, I lost the best pal that I ever had;
'Tis but a fortnight, since she was here, Seems like she's gone though for twenty-year,
Oh how I miss her my old pal, Oh how I'd kiss her my gal Sal;
Face not so handsome, but eyes don't you know, That shone just as bright, as they did years ago.
They called her frivolous Sal,
A peculiar sort of a gal,
With a heart that was mellow,
An all'-round good fellow, was my old pal.
Your troubles, sorrows and care,
She was always willing to share;
A wild sort of devil, But dead on the level,
Was My Gal Sal.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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