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Words by Sunny Skylar,  Music by Felix Arndt  - 1915
Part 1:
C - D -
G - C Dm7           G7
C - D    -
G - C G7              C
 Part 2:
F C7 -               C+ F
F C           Ebdim7 G7 C
F C7 -                C+ F                C7
F7              Bb6 Bbm6         F     Fdim F     Fdim     F C7              F (repeat)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Part 1:
Nola is like a dream come true,  She's sweet and unaffected; Ev'rything Nola seems to do is really unexpected,
Nola has twinkling eyes of blue, and cherry lips perfected,  Ev'rything nice like sugar and spice is Nola.
Walking along the thoroughfare,  She always draws attention,  All of the fellows stop and stare,  She's called the fourth dimension,
But if they think she'd ever care,  It's mere misapprehension;  Wait'll you see the angel with me,  It's Nola.
Part 2:
On her hand she wears a diamond ring,  Mighty pretty thing,  I'm the one who saved and bought it.
There's a house with roses all around it,  Awf'ly glad I found it,  Lucky I can just afford it.
When she's near, the Winter turns to spring,  Bells begin to ring,  There's a magic charm about her.
She's divine and she's mine.  I'm in love, so in love with Nola.
Listen to Don Van Palta play "Nola" (mp3)
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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