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Words by Sunny Skylar,  Music by Felix Arndt - 1915
Part 1:
C - D -
G - C   (No Chord) Dm7           G7
C - D    -
G - C   (No Chord) G7              C
 Part 2:
F C7 -                C+ F  (No Chord)
F C           Ebdim7 G7 C  (No Chord)
F C7 -                 C+ F                C7
F7              Bb6 Bbm6         F     Fdim F     Fdim     F C7              F (repeat)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Part 1:
No-la is like a dream come true,  She's sweet and un-af-fect-ed; Ev-'ry-thing No-la seems to do is real-ly un-ex-pect-ed,
No-la has twin-kling eyes of blue, and cher-ry lips per-fect-ed,  Ev-ry-thing nice like sug-ar and spice is No-la.
Walk-ing a-long the thor-ough-fare,  She al-ways draws at-ten-tion,  All of the fel-lows stop and stare,  She's called the fourth di-men-sion,
But if they think she'd ev-er care,  It's mere mis-ap-pre-hen-sion;  Wait-'ll you see the an-gel with me,  It's No-la.
Part 2:
On her hand she wears a dia-mond ring,  Might-y pret-ty thing,  I'm the one who saved and bought it.
There's a house with ros-es all a-round it,  Aw-f'ly glad I found it,  Luck-y I can just af-ford it.
When she's near, the Win-ter turns to spring,  Bells be-gin to ring,  There's a mag-ic charm a-bout her.
She's di-vine and she's mine.  I'm in love, so in love with No-la.
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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