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Composer and Copyright - Unknown
C E7 F C          A7
Dm7 G7 C        Cdim G7      Gdim
G7 - C        E7 A7
D7 - G7  D7  G7  Cdim G7
C E7 F C          A7
D7 A7       D7 G7      Gdim G7      Cdim
G7        Gdim G7        Cdim G7        Gdim G7        A7
D7 A7       D7 G7 C7
F D7 G7 -
C7 F G7 C7
F7 Bb G7 C7
F D7 G7 -
Bb        Bbm F        D7 G7 C7
F  -        D7 G7        C7 F   (C7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Note:  The verse of this song is in the key of C, the chorus is in the key of F.
I am sure that you're a-ware of fam-ous cit-ies ev-ery where,
The ones which are ac-claimed in song and verse.
There are songs a-bout Chi-ca-go Lond-on Par-is and St. Paul.
Buff-a-lo Mi-am-i not to ment-ion Beav-er Falls.
But Tin Pan All-ey did us wrong be-cause they nev-er wrote a song
A-bout the great-est cit-y of them all.
Please don't go way.... I hope you'll stay....
And hear this song I wrote the oth-er day.
Oak-land's got the Trib-une Tow-er, Oak-land's got Lake Merr-itt too.
She's got Jack Lon-don Square, the Rai-ders come from there, The Kai-ser Cen- ter can be seen from ev-ery where.
Now where did all the peo-ple go when Fris-co burned? You know they came to Oak-land and they nev-er re-turned.
Right out-side the cit-y lim-its, shoots the free-way called the Nim-itz,
Of all the pret-ty cit-ies she's the lea-dah, and don't for-get the tube to Al-a-mee-dah,
She's got pride, she's got grace, and oh what a view, Oak-land we're for you.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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