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Oh By Jingo!
Words by Albert Von Tilzer, Music by Lew Brown - 1919
Dm Gm Dm Gm
Dm Gm          Bb7 Dm -
- Gm Dm Gm
Dm Gm          Bb7 Dm -
Gm7        C7 Fmaj7      F6    Gm7        C7 Fmaj7     F6   
A Dm7 G7 C7
F             C+ F             C+ F             Am7 F7           F
G9        C#dim G9         C#dim G7           Dm7 G7         
C7 Gm7        C7 F Cm         D7
G7 -             Dm     G7 C7 Gm7       C9
F             C+ F             C+ F9           Dm -             F7
Bb           F7 Bb A7           Em7 Cm         A7
Dm          F+ Dm          F+ Dm           F+ Dm         F+
F           Ebdim Gm7        C7 F - (repeat chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
This song is in the key of F.
In the land of San Domingo, Lived a girl called Oh by Jingo,
Ta da da da da da da da,  Umpa, umpa, umpa, umpa,
From the fields and from the marshes,  Came the old and young by goshes,
Ta da da da da da da da Umpa, umpa, umpa, umpa,
They all spoke with a diffrent lingo,  But they all loved Oh by Jingo,
And ev'ry night they sang in the pale moonlight:
Oh, by Gee! by Gosh, by Gum, by Juv,
Oh by Jingo, won't you hear our love?
We will build for you a hut;  You will be our fav'rite nut,
We'll have a lot of little Oh! by Gollies,  Then we'll put them in the Follies.
By Jingo said,  By Gosh,  By Gee,
By Jiminy,  Please don't bother me.
So they all went away singing Oh! by Gee, by Gosh by Gum, by Juv, by Jingo,
By Gee, you're the only girl for me.
Watch the Oakland Banjo Band play "Oh By Jingo!" (youtube)
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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