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Painting The Clouds With Sunshine
Words by Al Dubin, Music by Joe Burke  -  1929
G            C#dim             G                D7            G C              D7              
G Am7           D7 G -               D7
G -                 D7 G Bm           Em
G Em             A7 D7              Am7 D7                  
G -                 C G -             Gdim
G              D7 - G -
- -                 C G -             Gdim
G              D7 - G                  G+ G             G7
C Cm G    Gdim      D7      G -
A7 C#dim        A7 D7 -               G
- -                 C G -             Ddim
G            D7      D9 D7 G -       (Repeat Chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
This life's a play from the start, It's hard to play thru a part,
When there's an ache in your heart all day.
I have my dreams 'til the dawn, I wake to find they are gone,
But still the play "must go on" they say.
When I pre -tend I'm gay I nev -er feel that way,
I'm on -ly paint -ing the clouds with sun -shine.
When I hold back a tear To make a smile ap -pear,
I'm on -ly paint -ing the clouds with sun -shine.
Paint -ing the blues beau -ti -ful hues, Col -ored with gold and old rose;
Play -ing the clown, Try -ing to drown All of my woes;
Tho' things may not look bright They'll all turn out al -right
If I keep paint -ing the clouds with sun -shine.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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