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Pennies From Heaven
Words by John Burke, Music by Arthur Johnston and  - 1936
Number 1 on the Hit Parade in 1936, played for 13 weeks.
C   Gm   A7 F          G7 C Em        Am
C   Gm   A7 F          G7 C7        Am E           C7
Dm         G7 C          Am Dm       Em   G7 C
Am         B7   G+ Em Cm       Bm   D7 G9         G7   C+
F                   Dm -                    G+ C -      F9  E9  Eb9    
D9   D7 Bm        D+ Dm Em         G7
C                   Em C           D7 F                  G7 -             F    G7
C                   Em C           D7 F                  G7 -             F    G7
C7 C9         Am   C7 F                  C+ A7         A+   A7
D7 D9         Bm    D7 G7               Dm G9         Em   G7
C                   Em C           D7 F                  G7 -             F    G7
C                   Em C           C+ F                  Dm -       F
Dm   F Am        C+   Ab C         C9   Bb9 A9
Dm D7         G7 C (G7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
A long time a -go a mil -lion years B. C.,
The best things in life were ab -so -lute -ly free,
But no one ap -pre -ci -at -ed a sky that was al -ways blue;
And no one con -grat -u -lat -ed a moon that was al -ways new.
So it was planned that they would van -ish now and then And you must pay be -fore you get them back a -gain:
That's what storms were made for And you should -n't be a -fraid, for....
Ev -'ry time it rains, it rains Pen -nies From Heav -en.
Don't you know each cloud con -tains, Pen -nies From Heav -en.
You'll find your for -tune fall -ing, All o -ver town,
Be sure that your um -brel -la is up side down.
Trade them for a pack -age of, Sun -shine and flow -ers.
If you want the things you love, You must have show -ers.
So when you hear it thun -der, Don't run un -der a tree.
There'll be Pen -nies From Heav -en for you and me.
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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