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Penthouse Serenade
(When We're Alone)
Words and Music by Jason Burton - 1931
C6 D#dim Dm7 G7
Dm7           G7 Dm7            G7 C              Am7 Dm7          G7
C6 D#dim Dm7 G7
Dm7           G7 Dm7            G7 C               F7      G7 C
G7            C#dim G7               G+ C               E7 Am
D7 - G7 -               Dm7   G7+
C6 D#dim Dm7 G7
Dm7           G7 Dm7            G C              Bb7 C            (repeat)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Just pic - ture a pent - house 'way up in the sky,  With hing - es on chim - neys for stars to go by,
A sweet slice of heav - en for just you and I when we're a - lone.
From all of so - ci - e - ty we'll stay a - loof,  And live in pro - pri - e - ty there on the roof,
Two heav - en - ly her - mits we will be in truth when we're a - lone.
We'll see life's mad pat - tern,  As we view old Man - hat - tan,
Then we can thank our luck - y stars,  That were liv - ing as we are.
In our lit - tle pent - house, we'll al - ways con - trive,  To keep love and ro - mance for - ev - er a - live,
In view of the Hud - son just o - ver the drive,  When we're a - lone.
Click here to watch WineLand Banjo Band play "Penthouse Serenade" (youtube)
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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