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Pardon Me Pretty Baby
Words by Ray Klages and Jack Meskill, Music by Vincent Rose  -  1931
C                Am           C7              A7          D7 -
Dm7           G7 -                 G7+ C             C#dim G7
C               Am C7              A7 D7 -
D7 - G7 -             Ebdim       
Dm7           G+ C              Ebdim Dm7            G7 C
A7 Dm           Fm C                 G7 C            Cdim
Dm7           G+ C              Ebdim Dm7            G7 C
A7 Dm            Fm C                 G7 C
C7 F Cdim   C7   Am   C7 F
D7 G Ddim            D7 G7
Dm7           G+ C              Ebdim Dm7             G7 C
A7 Dm            Fm C                  G7 C     (G7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Hel -lo, hel -lo, hel -lo, just look who's here, Hel -lo, hel -lo, hel -lo, oh dear oh dear;
It seems to me that I've met you be -fore.
I know I know I know it must be you I plain -ly rec -og -nize those eyes of blue;
If I'm mis -tak -en, Hon -ey don't get sore.
Par -don me pre t -ty ba -by, is it yes is it no is it may -be?
Par -don me, pret -ty ba -by, don't I look fa -mil -iar to you?
Aw come on, get ac -quant -ed, there's a bench in the park new -ly paint -ed,
Great i -dea, Hon -ey ain't it, well at least it's some -thing to do.
Was it sum -mer when I met you. was it un -der -neath the moon?
Was it Lon -don, were we golf -ing? How could you for -get so soon.
By the way, How's your moth -er, and your dad and your sis and your broth -er?
Par -don -me, Your an oth -er, Don't I look fa -mil -iar to you.
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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