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 Poor Butterfly
Words by John Golden, Music by Ray Hubbell - 1916
F9 - Bbmaj7 -
D+ -            D7 G9 -            G7
C7          F9 -            F7 Bb          Gm -
C7 - F7 -     Bb   F#7   Cm7
F9 - Bbmaj7 -
D+ -            D7 G9 -            G7
Cm7 -            Ebm6 Bb         Bbmaj7 Bb       Bbdim
F9 - Bb -        (F7 repeat)
8-beat intro with 3 quick lead-in notes.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
This song is in the key of Bb.
Poor Butterfly!  'Neath the blossoms waiting,
Poor Butterfly!  For she loved him so.
The moments pass into hours,  The hours pass into years,
And as she smiles through her tears,  She murmurs low,
The moon and I know that he be faithful,
I'm sure he come to me bye and bye.
But if he don't come back,  Then I never sigh or cry,
I just must die.  Poor Butterfly.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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