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Pretty Baby
Words by Gus Kahn, Music by Tony Jackson and Egbert Van Aistyne - Copyright 1916
F -          F7 Bb F           C7
F - C          G7 C         F#dim
Gm         C7 F        F#dim Gm       C7 F
Dm         G7 C        Am D7        G7 C          C7
Gm6       C7 Gm6     C7 F          Fm F
Gm6       C7 Gm6     C7 F          Fm F
F7 Bb        Eb7 D7 G7        C7
Gm6       C7 Gm6     C7 G7        C7 F   (G7 to ending)
G7         C7 F |
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Note: This song is in the key of F, but the chorus starts with a Gm6 chord.
You ask me why I'm al - ways teas -ing you,  You hate to have me call you Pret - ty Ba - by.
I real - ly thought that I was pleas - ing you,  For you're just a ba - by to me.
Your cun - ning lit-tle dimp - les and your ba - by stare,  Your ba -by talk and ba - by walk and cur - ly hair.
Your ba - by smile makes life worth - while,  Your just as sweet as you can be.
Ev - 'ry - bo - dy loves a ba - by, thats why I'm in love with you,  Pret - ty Ba - by,  Pret - ty Ba - by.
And I'd like to be your sis - ter, broth - er, dad and moth - er too,  Pret-ty Ba - by,  Pret - ty Ba - by.
Won't you come and let me rock you in my cra - dle of love, and well cud - dle all the time.
Oh I want a lov - in' ba - by and it might as well be you,  Pret - ty Ba - by of mine.
Pret - ty Ba - by of mine.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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