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Quentin's Theme
(Shadows Of The Night)
Words by Charles Green, Music by Robert Colbert - 1969
Made popular by "Dark Shadows" TV Series.
Bb             -          Edim        Cm7           F7        - - Bb    -
- G7 Cm F7 - - Bb -
- -          Edim        Cm7 F7 - - Bb -
- G7 Cm F7 - - Bb -
Eb F7        F9 Bb - F7   Bdim F7    A Bb -
Eb F7        F9 Bb Bbm7b5  Cm    G F7  Bb -
Bb -          Edim        Cm7 F7 - - Bb -
- G7 Cm F7 - - Bb -
F7 - Bb -    (End)  |
12-beat intro.  Play 3-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
This song is in 3/4 waltz time.
Shadows of the night, Falling silently,
Echo of the past, Calling you to me.
Haunting memory, Veiled in misty glow,
Phantom melody, Playing soft and low.
In this world that we know now, Life is here, then gone.
But somewhere in the afterglow, Love lives on and on.
Dreams of long ago, Meet in rendezvous,
Shadows of the night, Calling me to you.
Calling me to you.
Listen to Paul Buskirk play "Quentin's Theme" on the tenor banjo (mp3)
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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