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Red Wing
Words by Thurland Chattaway, Music by Kerry Mills - 1907
C -          C7 F C          C7
F          G7 C D7 G7
C -          C7 F C          C7
F          G7 C D7        G7 C          C7
F - C -
G7 - C -           C7
F - C -
G7 - C -   (G7 repeat)
8-beat intro. with 1 lead-in note ("There"). Play 4-beats for each cell.
There once lived an In - dian maid, a shy lit - tle prai - rie maid,
Who sang a lay a love song gay,  As on the plain she'd while a - way the day;
She loved a war - rior bold, this shy lit - tle maid of old,
But brave and gay, he rode out one day to bat - tle far a - way.
Now, the moon shines to - night on pret - ty Red Wing,
The breeze is sigh - ing, the night bird's cry - ing,
For a - far 'neath his star her brave is sleep - ing,
While Red Wing's weep - ing her heart a - way.
Listen to Jim and the WineLand Banjo Band play "Red Wing" on Youtube (click here)

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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