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Ricochet Romance
Words and Musk by Larry Coleman, Norman Gimbel, Joe Darion - 1953
Number 1 on the Hit Parade in 1953,  played for 4 weeks.
||: F             Fm6 F F7 -
Bb - F -
C7 - - -
- - F -    (repeat verse) :||
||: F - - -              C7
- - - -               F
- - F7 Bb
-                 Bdim F             Dm7 Gm7            C F    (repeat chorus) :||
F                Bdim F             Dm7 Gm7            C F           (end)
8-beat intro. with one lead-in note ("They").  Play 4 or 8-beats (your choice) for each cell, reading from left to right.
First Verse:
They warned me when you kissed me,
Your love would ric - o - chet,
Your lips would find an - oth - er,
And your heart would go a - stray.
Second Verse:
I thought that I could hold you,
With all my man - y charms,
But then one day you ric - o - cheted,
To some - one else - 's arms,  And Ba - by,
I don't want a ric - o - chet ro - mance!  I don't want a ric - o - chet love!
If you're care - less with your kiss - es,  find an - oth - er tur - tle dove!
I don't live on ric - o - chet ro - mance!  No!  No!  Not me!
If you're gon - na ric - o - chet Ba -by,  I'm gon - na set you free!
(repeat chorus)
If you're gon - na ric - o - chet Ba -by,  I'm gon - na set you free!
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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