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Rose Room
Words and Music by Art Hickman, Words by Harry Williams - 1917
G - - -              Eb7               
D7 - G -
- E7 C -
G               D7         Am             D7        G      G7      Gb7     F7 G
A7 D7 G Em
G7 - C Am
Cm - G E7
A7 - D7 -       G     Eb7
A7 D7 G Em
G7 - C Am
Cm - G                Gb7     F7 E7     G     Eb7
A7 D7 G      G7     Gb7     F7 G     (to chorus)
8-beat intro. with 7-note lead-in.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
This song is in the key of G.
I want to take you to a little room,  A little room where all the roses bloom.
I want to lead you into Nature's Hall,  Where ev'ry year the roses give a ball.
They have an Orchestra up in the trees,  For their musicians are the birds and bees,
And they will sing us a song, As we are strolling along.
In sunny Roseland, where summer breezes are playing,
Where the honey bees are "A Maying",
There all the roses are swaying,
Dancing while the meadow brook flows.
The moon when shining, is more than ever designing,
For 'tis ever then I am pining,
Pining to be sweetly reclining,
Some where in Roseland,  Beside a beautiful rose.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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