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Runnin' Wild
Words by Joe Grey and Leo Wood, Music by A. Harrington Gibbs - 1922
Bb - Eb Bb
- - F           C7 F
Bb - Eb Bb
F7          Fdim F7        C#7 Gm7      Am7 F7
Bb - Bb7 -
Eb - Bb -
F7 D7 Gm Bbm
F C7 F7 -
Bb - Bb7 -
Eb - D -             C7
- F7 Bb -
F7 - Bb F7  (end after repeat)
Bb           F9 Bb Bb           F9 Bb        Bb7
Eb           Bb9 Eb Eb7         F+ Bb
Bb           F9 Bb Bb           F9 Bb        Bb7
Eb           Bb9 Eb Eb7          F+ Bb    (to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Playing order is Verse, Chorus, Patter, Chorus.
My gal and I, we had a fight And I'm all by my self,
I guess she thinks, now that she's gone, I'll lay right on the shelf;
I'm gon -na show her she's all wrong, No lone -some stuff for mine,
I won't sit home, all a -lone, She'll soon find that I'm:
Run -nin' wild, lost con -trol,
Run -nin wild, might -y bold,
Feel -in' gay reck -less too,
Care free mind all the time, nev -er blue;
Al -ways goin' don't know where,
Always show -in', I don't care;
Don't love no -bod -y, it's not worth while;
All a -lone run -nin' wild.
No gal will ev -er make a fool of me, No, gal! I mean just what I say;
I ain't the sim -ple -ton I used to be, Won -der how I got that way.
Once I was full of sen -ti -ment, it's true, But now I got a cru -el heart;
With all that oth -er fool -ish -ness I'm through, Gon -na play the vil -lian part.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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