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Sailing Down The Chesapeake Bay
Words by Jean C. Havez, Music by George Botsford - 1913
F - C7 F
- - C             G7 C
C7 F A7 Dm
G7            C G7            C D7           G7 C              C7
C7 - F -
C7 - F -
C7 - F -
Cdim Bdim Gdim        C7 F
- - (see note)   C7 F   (to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Note: The ending of this song repeats the next-to-last cell three times before ending on the last cell.
'Round the bend I see the steam -er com -in', dear, Head -in' here, To this pier;
If you hur -ry we will make it, nev -er fear, On the old Do -min -ion Line.
Aint she sail -ing pret -ty as she hugs the shore, Steam -in' for Bal -ti -more;
Hear the pad -dles turn -in' Hear the wat -er churn -in' She's the queen of Ches -a -peake Bay!
Come on Nan cy, put your best dress on, Come on Nan -cy 'fore the steam -boat's gone.
Ev -'ry -thing is love -ly on the Ches -a -peake Bay, All a -board for Bal -ti -more and if we're late they'll all be sore,
Now look here Cap -tain, let us catch the boat, We can't swim and lis -ten, we can't float!
Banjos strum-min' a good old tune, Up on deck, is the place to spoon,
Cud -dle up close, be -neath the sil -v'ry moon, Sail -ing down the Ches -a -peake Bay.
Sound Clip:
Listen to the Oakland Banjo Band play "Sailing Down The Chesapeake Bay"
Vocal by Dick Vlach
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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