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Sam, The Old Accordion Man
Words and Music by Walter Donaldson - 1927
G B7 Fdim C
A7 - D7 -         (G     C#dim     D7)
G - C7 -         (G      D7    C#dim)
E7 A7            D7 G -               (C#dim     D7)
G - C7 -         (G      D7    C#dim)
E7 A7            D7 G G7
C F7 C F7
G Eb7 G                   (E7     A7) D7       (G     C#dim     D7)
G - C7 -          (G      D7    C#dim)
E7 A7            D7 G -          (D7 repeat chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
The chord names in parenthesis such as (C#dim  D7) are for advanced players and are optional.
He don 't play mel - o - dies,  Just plays blue har - mon - ies,
Just like no - bod - y ev - er had.
He just plays chords,  That make you feel grand,
They call him Sam, The Old Ac - cord - i - on Man.
His dream - y chords,  Re - mind you of heav'n,
And they're real chords, Ac - cord - ing to Dix - ie Land.
In the eve - ning by the moon - light,  When the sun is gone down,
How those lov - ers,  Le - vee lov - ers,  Love to hang a - round.
He plays those chords,  Like no - bod - y can,
They call him Sam,  The Old Ac - cord - i - on Man.
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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